The Sims 2 Playboy Challenge & Rules

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I created this challenge because it just seemed so exciting and I couldn't wait to start playing this. To watch me play this challenge then click here. For more Sims 2 related fun then check out my channel:
To complete this challenge, you would have to WooHoo with 100 different Sims.
  • Create your Sim on CAS, it can be a man or a woman. [It has to be an Adult] 
  • Your Sim can be any aspiration but it would be easier to give them the romance aspiration 
  • You can move them into any house; you can make your own, download a house or move into a pre-made house.
  • You CANNOT marry any Sims or move them into your house, but they can stay the night
  • You can WooHoo with any adult sim, it doesn't matter if their married or not.
  • You can have a Job and pets, but no children 
  • You CANNOT WooHoo with the same Sim again, it doesn't count.
  • Your Sim can WooHoo with a Sim of the same sex 
  • You CANNOT WooHoo with a Teen or Child
  • You CANNOT use a cheat to make a sim selectable to increase their relationship with your sim
  • You CANNOT ask a witch for a date 
  • You CANNOT use any cheats in this game 
  • You CAN use the Exlier of Life to keep your sim alive till the challenge is completed but only by working hard to obtain aspiration points 
Game Over:

  • If you get married, engaged or ask someone to move in with you 
  • If you get the sim pregnant 
  • If you use any cheats 
  • If you get abducted by aliens, get turned into a witch, vampire, plantsim or werewolf 
  • If your sim dies 
There are no points system in this challenge but you have to keep tally of every sim you have had a WooHoo with to make sure you reach 100

Happy Simming!! 
Love from Mary x 

**If you use these rules anywhere, give me credit for it as its my own original rules**
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