Sims 2 Free Time - Characters Background

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Michael Johnson
Michael was a very troublesome child, he was very rebellious because he wanted to get his father’s attention but that never worked. When he was 16 his father died of cancer. He adored his father more than anything and was devastated by his passing. He wanted to make his dad proud by following his footsteps and becoming successful. So he changed his rebellious lifestyle around and focused on school. He went to university and met his future wife Alice. They clicked when they first saw each other in their maths lecture and he was smitten by her. But things just got worse for Michael, when he heard the news that his mother was very sick and wasn't going to live for long. His mother died when he was 19 about to finish his first year of university. Michael lost hope for the future because he felt that he had nothing to live for. So he dropped out of university and went to live with his aunty in Veronaville. There he was in and out of part time jobs. 

Alice Johnson

Alice was from a large family of girls, she had 4 Sisters and she was the eldest. Her mum fell very ill and couldn't work so Alice had to try to make ends meet. Her father left her and the family at the age of 5, so they learned to cope without a father. Alice worked hard and studied hard and made it into university a year after her mother died. Alice adored her mother as a strong independent woman and wanted to make her proud. Alice looked after her sisters with the help of her uncle till they were able to work and provide for the family.

Alice & Michael's Love Story

Alice never saw Michael since he dropped out of university, until one day Alice walks into the small coffee shop that Michael was working in and they were so shocked to see each other that the chemistry they had came rushing back. Alice really wanted to catch up with Michael so she gave him her number and they never stopped talking since then. They went out on multi dates and Michael opened up to her about his dreadful past and she was so understanding and supportive. After 2 years of dating, Michael asked Alice to move in with him and he proposed to her a year after. In that same year, Michael got a permanent job with great pay, so Alice quit her job as a waitress to be a stay at home wife. Things were looking up. Whilst planning their wedding to occur in the next year, Alice found out that she was pregnant with a Boy [Adam]. Michael and Alice both decided to leave the wedding till Adam was 1. The wedding was what Alice ever wanted. Everything was going so well. Till 4 Years after the wedding, Michael was made Redundant and he had to go back to working unstable part time jobs and Alice had to sell most of the stuff they had to make ends meet. Alice fell pregnant again and this time it was a girl [Sarah]. Alice and Michael both decided to save up enough money to buy a house stable enough for a big family than a crappy apartment. It took 2 Years to save up money to buy and decorate their dream home and start a big family in, but have they made it??!!

Adam Johnson

The first born of Alice and Michael wants to become a successful basketball player. He loves sports more than anything and always works hard to be the best that he can be. He looks up to his mother has a role model because of how hard working she is and that she will never give up on what she loves.

Sarah Johnson
The first daughter of Alice and Michael is an adorable little girl who one day wants to become a world class dancer… but will she stick to her dream?

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