The Sims 2 Immortal Challenge & Rules

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I created this challenge because it was something new and it was best for the Sims 2 since there aren't any challenges like this for the Sims 2....Enjoy !! To watch me play this here. The game is completed when you get to 10 generations with the same founder then you count up all of your points. 


Founder & Life
  • You have to go through 10 generations with the same founder 
  • You create your founder on Create-A-Sim 
  • The next generation will begin when the husband or wife of your founder dies, so you have to remarry and start a family with another person [Each generation is a new partner] 
  • You can only woohoo or have children with your partner if you're married to them. 
  • You CAN'T marry a Sim that is already married 
  • The partner of the founder has to die of old age ONLY, NO CHEATS to cause death. you also CAN'T command the partner to do something you know that may cause death [E.g. fixing computers/TV with no mechanical skill causing them to get shocked].
  • You CAN'T cheat on the founder or the partner which will cause them to breakup [GAME OVER] 
  • You can only start seeking for a new partner once the old partner is dead. 
  • The only way to keep the founder alive and young is by drinking the Elixir of Life and NOTHING ELSE. No cheats or mods to stop aging [Includes turning aging off in the game].
  • The Elixir of Life would only be available by getting enough aspiration points for the founder. 
  • You CAN'T buy the Elixir of Life with points from any one else in the family, but the founder.
  • The Elixir of Life works best on Platinum Aspiration, so you have to make sure you fulfill the founders wants to get their aspiration meter to a platinum
  •  You CAN'T use the 'boolprop' cheat to get their aspirations high. You CAN'T use any other cheats in this game, you have to work for everything. 
  • NO ONE  else but the founder can drink the Elixir of Life, you also CAN'T use the Elixir of Life on the partner for them to live longer so you can have more children and get more points. 
Lot & Housing 
  • You have to move the founder into an empty lot of your choice [No pre-made houses or apartments]
  • The founder and their partner CAN'T move out from the lot, they have to stay there, so pick a lot big enough for a large family 
  • You can move the grave of the dead partner out of the lot to prevent ghost [Don't delete it because of this:]
  • You CAN'T play any other relatives household but the founders
  • Build as much as you can but with only the money you have to survive [No money cheats]
  • Only the Founder & Partner can have a job
  • Everyone in the household can go out of the lot to meet people and accomplish their wants
  • The founder has to get a new career every time they marry a new person
  • You CAN'T have a home business 
Other things..
  • You can move teenagers out to college to create room
  • The children can ONLY age up naturally or when they are able to be 'brought to cake' and NOTHING ELSE. 
  • You CAN'T use potions from witches or download custom content that will affect age, but you can have other custom content in the game.
  • 5+ Every time the FOUNDER reaches a FULL platinum aspiration meter 
  • 5+ For Every child that grows up well 
  • 5+ Every job promotion the FOUNDER gets
  • 20+ Every time the founder marries 
  • 20+ When you have 3+ children in each generation [20+ points per generation] 
  • 40+ When you have 6 children in a generation [only happens once] 
  • 40+ Every time you buy the Elixir of Life with the FOUNDERS aspiration points
  • -5 Every time the FOUNDERS aspiration meter goes red
  • -5 Every job demotion the FOUNDER gets
  • -5 Every time a child grows up badly 
  • -5 Per fear that happens to the founder
  • -5 The repo man
  • -10 If a child is taken away by the social worker 
  • -10 If you only have 1 child in each generation [-10 Points per generation] 
  • -20 If the PARTNER leaves the FOUNDER on the alter 
  • -20 If the FOUNDER gets fired 
  • -25 Each baby that dies 
  • -30 If the partner or founder is abducted by aliens and gets pregnant 
  • -40 If the Elixir of Life causes the FOUNDER to age up

Game Over

  • If the founder turns into an elder 
  • if the founder dies of accidental death [the whole point of this challenge is to keep the founder alive]
  • if you cause the founder or partner to cheat
  • if you kill the partner in any way
  • if the founder is unable to have children with the partner before dying
  • if you use a cheat [The Elixir of Life isn't a cheat its an aspiration reward you work for] 
Happy Simming !!
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